Our Fair Participations and Visits

Dikkan Vana Participated Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul 16th International Maritime Fair & Conference2022-05-06

Dikkan Valve participated in the 16th Expomaritt Exposhipping International Fair & Conference held at Viaport Marina Tuzla between 30 November – 03 December 2021.
During the fair, it presented its globe valve, gate valve, mud box, storm valve, check valve, new design quick closing valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, firefighting and deckwash valve products suitable for the use of the maritime area to its visitors.

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VI. Nuclear Powerplants Summit2020-01-10

We’ll be at VI. Nuclear Powerplants Summit on March 5-6. You can visit us on our stand A18.

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NPPES Nuclear Power Plants Expo & Summit2020-01-10

We participated as Dikkan at the NPPES Nuclear Power Plants Expo & Summit held in Istanbul. We are proud to be am member of an organization that leads the nuclear industry.

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Expomaritt Exposhipping Istanbul2020-01-10

We were at the 15th edition of Expomaritt Exposhipping Istanbul, which is the strongest maritime trade show in the region.

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40th Anniversary Celebration2020-01-09

Dikkan Family is celebrating 40th Anniversary. As in the last 40 years, we will continue to grow and grow in line with our country's targets. We would like to thank all the Dikkan Family and our stakeholders who added value to our brand with their labor, dedication and loyalty.

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Wetex 20182020-01-10

Dikkan took its place in the WETEX 2018 exhibition. Thank all our visitors for their kind interest.

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WETEX 2018 / 23-25 October 20182020-01-09

We will get our place with our partner company this year at WETEX 2018 exhibiton again. It will take place in Dubai on October 23-25.

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DNV-GL Type Approval Process Completed2020-01-10

DNV-GL Type Approval for our Globe, Quick-Closing, Self-Closing, Gate and Storm valve product group has been completed successfully.

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We met with our customers at IFAT 2018 Fair.2020-01-10

We have successfully and effectively implemented Europe's most comprehensive environmental technology exhibition IFAT MUNICH 2018. Thank all our visitors for their kind interest to our booth for 5 days.

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Ifat Munıch 20182020-01-10

We will get our place this year at IFAT, Europe's leading environmental technology fair, which will take place in Munich, Germany on May 14-18. We are proud to be presenting again this year in the organization that we attended for the first time in 2016.

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We were at 4th Water Loss Forum & 5th Dam and HPP Construction Technologies Fair2020-01-10

We took place as Dikkan Valve in the 4th Water Loss Forum and the 5th Dam and HEPP Construction Technology Fair held in Istanbul Expo Center between 29-31 March. We thank you for visiting our stand. We are proud to be a supporter of such a valuable organization.

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Dikkan received great interest in ISK-SODEX2020-01-10

We took our place again in the biggest meeting of our sector in 2018. Our Sales&Marketing Director Alkim Gur made a presentation on the "Industry 4.0 Journey of Valve Sector" on the second day of the organization. Thank you for your visit to our booth and presentation showing intense interest to examine our new products and services.

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4th Water Loss Forum & 5th Dam and HPP Construction Technologies Fair2020-01-10

Turkey's first and only event in the area " 4th Water Loss Forum" will be held with 5th Dam and HPP Construction Technologies Fair on 29-31th of March 2018 at Istanbul Expo Center. As Dikkan Valve we will be taking our place in the exhibition area.

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ISK-SODEX 2018 - ISTANBUL2020-01-10

As a company that renews and develops itself in every period, we will enjoy to participae at ISK-SODEX Istanbul. We wil be waiting for your visit ot our booth C02 in HALL 13.

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Dikkan Valve has obtained WRAS certificate2020-01-10

Dikkan Valve has obtained WRAS certificate from UK based organization Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) which proves resilient seated gate valves for drinking water.

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Dikkan valves are being used in the new Turkish Navy Vessel; TCG Bayraktar. We are proud of supporting Turkey’s defence industry with our Turkish origin products.

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INVITATION FOR EXPOMARITT 2017 / 21 - 24 MARCH 20172020-01-10

Dikkan is preparing to take part in EXPOMARITT EXPOSHIPPING 2017 and pleased to invite all visitors to the booth for the meeting. / Pendik Green Park Convention Center in Istanbul. Stand No: D130 - TURKEY

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We are in Munich from 30 May to 3 June!2022-05-06

We are participating as Dikkan Valve to IFAT 2022 Munich leading fair for enviromental technologies.

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We Were Awarded The Jury's Special Award in the Category of “The Best R&D Project of the Year”2022-06-16

As Dikkan Valve, we were awarded the jury's special award in the category of “The Best R&D Project of the Year” within the scope of the “IZTEK Innovation R&D and Technology Awards22” event organized by the IZTEK Innovation Platform!

We are proud of bringing an innovative, enviroment-friendly and highly efficient product to the market with our first double eccentric butterfly valve project in the industry.

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Occupational Health and Safety is Teamwork, I’m in This Team!2022-06-16

As Dikkan family, we came together with all our colleagues at the event “Occupational Health and Safety is Teamwork, I’m in This Team” organized as part of the 4-10 May Occupational Health and Safety Week.

As part of the activities, we also exhibited the works of those who participated in the painting competition for the employees children themed “My Mother/Father is Safe at Dikkan”.

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We attended at IFAT 2022!2022-06-16

As Dikkan Valve, we attended at IFAT 2022, which was held in Munich between 30 May – 3 June 2022. Special thanks for all our guests who honored our stand with their visits!

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We Are Among The Top 1000 Exporters in 2021!2022-06-16

As Dikkan, we are proud of the contribution we have made to the Turkish economy with our foreign trade volume in 2021.

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We Participated in the 8th Kaizen Sharing Event2022-10-24

As Dikkan Valve, we participated in the 8th Kaizen Sharing event organized by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers of TMMOB with our projects in the categories of production efficiency and informatics.

We are proud of disseminating the culture of continuous improvement with the projects we exhibited within the scope of the event, which was organized to contribute to the development of Kaizen and to provide examples for beginners.

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Our Project Output Invention Has Been Awarded a Patent Registration Certificate2022-10-03

All processes related to the patent we applied for our project “Three Dimensional Indicator Configuration in Gate Valves”, which we successfully completed in our R&D Center, have resulted in positive results. Our project output invention has been awarded a Patent Registration Certificate.

With the awareness of he importance of patents that encourage product and process innovations, we continue our R&D activities without slowing down.

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As Dikkan Valve, We Attended the Sustainability Panel at the R&D and Design Centers2022-09-19

Dikkan Valve Technical Manager Dr. Erhan Özkan participated as a speaker at the “Sustainability Panel in R&D and Design Centers” organized within the scope of Expotech – R&D P&D Innovation Industry and Technology Fair.
In the panel, how R&D projects will be carried out with a sustainability perspective was conveyed.

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Manisa Celal Bayar University Students Visited Our Factory 2022-11-24

Manisa Celal Bayar University Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department students visited our factory to experience the production technologies and processes on site.

As Dikkan Valve, we were happy to inform the students about the company and production stages within the scope of the technical trip.

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Global Supply Chain (GSC) Project Implemented by Dikkan R&D Center Has Been Approved by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkey2024-04-26

We are proud to share with you that the Global Supply Chain (GSC) Project implemented by Dikkan R&D Center has been approved by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkey.

The GSC Project, developed to enhance the industrial and commercial potential of our country, aims to strengthen Turkey's export potential.

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As Dikkan Valve, We Produced Valves for the Largest Biological Wastewater Plant Project in the Middle East2024-02-02

As Dikkan Valve, we produced valves for the largest biological wastewater plant project in the Middle East.

Dikkan valves, whose second phase deliveries have been completed and on-site tests will start in the second quarter of 2024, continue to operate with the same high efficiency since 2020.

We are proud to contribute to the success of this great project!

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As Dikkan Valve, We Participated in "Oman Water Week"2024-02-02

As Dikkan Valve, we participated in "Oman Water Week", one of the important events of the water sector!

This event, which took place in Oman between 22-24 January, offered a valuable opportunity to determine the future of water and exchange information with experts in the sector.

As Dikkan Valve, we are proud to take part in this important event.

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We are Proud to Participate in the 9th Kaizen Shares Event2023-12-08

As Dikkan Valve, we are proud to participate in the 9th Kaizen Shares event organized by TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers with our four important projects in the categories of production efficiency and informatics!

As last year, we emphasize the value we attach to innovation with the projects we have developed in the event organized to contribute to the development of kaizens and inspire those who will start new ones. With this event, we continue to develop the kaizen culture and set an example with our industry-leading projects.

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Taking Our Place at WETEX 2023, The Largest Water and Environmental Technologies Exhibition in the Middle East2023-11-15

Taking our place at WETEX 2023, the largest water and environmental technologies exhibition in the Middle East.

Water management, energy technologies, recycling, solar energy, wind energy and more...

We invite you to discover innovative technologies and sustainable solutions for a sustainable tomorrow!

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Contribution to the Nigerian Navy by Dikkan Valve!2023-11-01

At Dikkan Valve, we take great pride in participating in the launch ceremony of 2 Offshore Patrol Vessels owned by the Nigerian Navy Forces, each measuring 76 meters. The vessels were builded by DEARSAN Shipbuilding Industry Inc. and the complete package of valves has produced by Dikkan.

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We Achieved a Significant Success by Ranking Among the Top 5 Companies in the Valves, Fittings and Assemblies Product Category for Exports!2023-10-20

In the year 2022, we achieved a significant success by ranking among the top 5 companies in the valves, fittings and assemblies product category for exports! Thanks to this outstanding achievement, we were honored with a prestigious plaque.
As Dikkan, we take pride in showcasing the strength of Turkish engineering and manufacturing on the international stage.

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We are at Expomaritt Exposhipping İstanbul 2023!2023-10-12

We present at Expomaritt Exposhipping İstanbul, the only shipbuilding and maritime industry meeting point in Turkey!

Ready to inform you about our marine valves and services. Join us from October 11th to 14th, 2023 at Istanbul Exhibition Center.

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We're Here at ADIPEC 2023!2023-10-02

ADIPEC 2023, one of the leading events in the energy industry, presents an excellent opportunity to come together for innovation, collaboration and future-oriented energy solutions.

As Dikkan Valve, we are excited to reaffirm our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. We look forward to meeting industry leaders and sharing our experiences. We are ready and excited to meet with you!

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We Take Pride in Celebrating Our 45th Anniversary! 2023-10-02

The journey we embarked upon with vision and passion has turned into a story of relentless determination and achieving great goals. 

Here's to many more successes and proud moments together.

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We will be at the IDEF İstanbul (International Defense Industry Fair) from July 25th to 28th with our marine valve group products!

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Our TÜBİTAK 1501 Industry R&D Project Has Been Completed! 2023-06-14

We are delighted to announce that our project titled "Development of Production Management for Processing Real-Time Data Collected from Production Lines, Interpreting with ERP Integration, Enhancing Production Performance, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction" has been successfully completed following thorough technical and financial evaluations.

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Our Beneficial Model Titled 'Lead-Free Storm Valve' Has Been Awarded a Patent Registration Certificate2023-06-09

As Dikkan, we never cease to generate ideas that benefit the industry. We continue to innovate for the future of nature with inventions that minimize harm to the environment.

Our beneficial model titled 'Lead-Free Storm Valve' which proposes the use of alternative casting materials instead of lead filling, has been approved and granted a registration certificate by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

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Manisa Celal Bayar University Students Visited Our Factory 2023-05-29

Within the framework of our collaboration and the signed protocol with Celal Bayar University in Manisa, we hosted 4th-year students from the Department of Industrial, Mechanical, and Metallurgical Engineering as part of the "Industrial-Oriented Expert Engineer Candidate Training Program."

During the program, the students completed the theoretical training and field applications on "Manufacturing with Casting Method" provided by university instructors and our company officials.

As Dikkan, we are delighted to contribute to the goal of training qualified graduates aligned with the needs of the industry.

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We have signed the 'Engineering Candidate Development Program' protocol with Manisa Celal Bayar University.2023-05-25

As Dikkan we have signed the 'Engineering Candidate Development Program' protocol with Manisa Celal Bayar University.

The aim of the program is to reduce the theoretical knowledge and practical experience gaps of undergraduate students during the distance learning period, introduce students to the practical applications of theoretical knowledge in the field, and contribute to their engagement in collaborative and interactive activities in specific engineering and technology domains.

Within this scope, we provide Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Metallurgical Engineering students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge they acquire in theoretical courses in our manufacturing facilities.

We are happy and proud to contribute to the development of future engineers!

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We Are Delighted to Host TÜPRAŞ Technical Team!2023-05-18

We are delighted to host TÜPRAŞ technical team, Turkey's major industrial organization, in our facilities.

During the visit, we present our activities in the oil and gas industry and shared information about our product range of oil and gas valves.

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Our "Ocean Series / Flow to the future" Brand Has Been Registered!2023-03-27

We are delighted to announce that our product line, designed with a focus on the future and sustainable living, "Ocean Series/Flow to the future", has received trademark registration!

Our planet is being called the “Blue Planet”, whose three quarters are comprised of oceans. Oceans have become an inspiration for the designs of our products. We are manufacturing for the life by designing future-friendly products. 

We use the excellence, creativity, technology and sustainability in the oceans’ wisdom, habitat and natural cycle and we created our new product range “Ocean Series”.

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Our Project Output Invention Has Been Awarded a Patent Registration Certificate2023-03-07

Dikkan R&D Center keeps on making innovations within the products and creating new patent projects.

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Our Project Output Invention Has Been Awarded a Patent Registration Certificate2023-01-19

We are proud to inform you that we succesfully completed the patent process we applied for our project “Dikkan Mud Box Angle Valves Functional Improvement”. Our project output invention has been awarded a Patent Registration Certificate.

We continue to develop our R&D Center projects with patents and to be the solution partner of our customers.

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Dikkan Valve is Among IFAT Worldwide Exhibitors!2024-05-13

As Dikkan Valve, we are taken our place at the IFAT Worldwide 2024 which is one of the world's leading trade fair for water, sewerage, waste and raw material management.

We will exhibit our valves and environmental friendly products used in industrial, water and wastewater facilities at our booth C2 339 at Messe Munchen between 13-17 May.

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We Are Happy to Welcome Students from Izmir Yüksek Teknoloji Institute2022-12-13

We are happy to welcome students from Izmir Yüksek Teknoloji Institute Mechanical Engineering Department!

During the technical visit they had the chance to get information about our company and production processes. It is one of our aim to be a part of education and preparation of the students for business.

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